From Students:

I miss Lone Pine everyday.

When I was filling out my applications, it hit me that I started taking classes with you when I was eleven! :)  I really appreciate all that you did for me: pushing me toward independence, preparing me for college work, providing me with an environment of high standards and driving me towards my Latin accomplishments. But just so you know, you became my favorite teacher when you negotiated with me about doing anchor words in Latin I :P. We were a pretty tight group and I made some lifelong friendships at Lone Pine.

Hi Ms. K,  I wasn't sure when you would receive my AP scores (and perhaps you already have them so this email is redundant), but I received a 5 on AP Latin!  I truly cannot thank you enough for letting me into your class, teaching me, and helping me work through the curriculum!  Have an excellent summer! 

Also, funny story: I visited [College], and was hosted overnight by an Honors program student. She took me along to her Intermediate Latin course, which happened to be their Exam day on the Aeneid.  The class literally consisted of my student host and 1 other college student, sitting in the Professor's office = basically 1 on 1 tutoring!  After their exam, the Professor pulled out an excerpt of St. Thomas Aquinas' writings, all in Latin of course. He had the 2 students verbally translate it, each person doing a sentence, on-spot right then and there with his critique, and let me join in! I think he was very impressed.  Woohoo for Lone Pine!

Re. the AP Exam: I got a 5! :) Thank you so much for all the years of teaching me and for preparing me so well for the exam. - AP student, 2015

I've taken Latin with Ms. K for the past four years (100, 200, 300 poetry, summer Caesar, and AP Latin), and I've learned so much. I started with Latina Christiana and took another class as a 6th grader, but Ms. K's classes really are different--and so much better. Over the years, I've done so many assignments, from reading the 100/200 "novel" textbook and making a Latin "commercial" in 100 to going through SO MANY .pdf pages for the 200 Extensive Reading assignment, to learning about Roman history, myths, and culture, to vocab quizzes and AP workbook questions and analytical essay-outline-writing.... Ms. K uses all of these to teach you "real Latin" (what I did NOT learn in those previous classes!)--building your skills until (in AP Latin) you're able to read any kind of Latin work. Sometimes I forget just HOW MUCH Latin I really have learned--it's a lot! 

Not only has Ms. K given me a strong foundation in Latin, but this year, she also prepared me well for the AP exam. I walked out of the AP test feeling confident; choose to engage in this class and you'll do well on the test.

Her courses move quickly and are not necessarily "easy," but you'll learn a lot (not just about Latin, but you'll gain skills you can apply to other subjects and pursuits!) if you are able to work hard. Ms. K an extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated Latin teacher, and I'm so glad I found her! If you're looking for an online Latin teacher, Ms. K's classes are phenomenal. - AP student, 2014

The best thing(s) about the class is that it's more advanced than most other Latin courses and was able to raise me from an "average" Latin 100 student to a prepared Lone Pine Latin 200 student in less than two months.

A note from a Lone Pine graduate studying classics at UGA: They're going great! Pretty much all the professors here are terrific. I'm taking Latin prose composition (it's the first time they've offered it here in 50 years!), and it's definitely using a different part of my brain. I'm also taking ancient daily life with my favorite professor here. She asked me who my high school Latin teacher was and said "oh yes, she's a great teacher!" (This was Dr. Hermanowicz, by the way, if you know her.) But yeah, overall, it's going well :)

I think that [this year] has been the best year of my life. Why? It was the year I discovered Lone Pine. The classes are fun and interesting, and I met so many people that I'm now friends with. I love the legions, and fighting to have the most spirit points. I had the best time with the commercials, and I'm sad I have to wait an ENTIRE SUMMER before Latin starts again. But for now, I'm contented curling up with my new Gordy and mini-duck (see picture), and dreaming about being a Mighty 200.

Ms. K, I did some stats for your website: 52.8% of Lone Piners get Gold Medals on the NLE. 37.8% of students worldwide got any award at all on the 2016 NLE.
8.8% of NLEs taken by Lone Piners have resulted in Perfect Papers. Only 1.17% of NLEs taken worldwide resulted in Perfect Papers.

I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me this year! You've been an EXCELLENT teacher and I would highly recommend you to anyone. I learned a LOT this year and I'm so glad I got to take Latin with Lone Pine, even if it was only for one year. I hope you have a great Summer and thanks again!

Thanks, I am currently enjoying Latin and will continue enjoying Latin for my whole life. 

Thank you for teaching me Latin so well! This week I had [college] orientation, along with many placement tests. I went in not knowing there was a Latin placement test, but when they told us about it in the morning, I decided to take the test in the afternoon to see where I placed. Without studying, I earned three semesters worth of Latin, or 7 credit hours. That is all the language I need to graduate. Added together, that gave me 30 credit hours plus whatever credit I will get from this year's AP, which means I could graduate in three years. Thank you for teaching me Latin! I enjoyed your class and learned very much.

Thank you so much for a brilliant class, Mrs. K! Orberg in 100 and 200 was fun, and at the beginning of the year I was kind of scared about reading Latin poetry, but now I've found out that it's more fun, and easier if you know the right tricks and methods, than I could ever have hoped! Again, thank you, and I look forward to Caesar, Cicero, and Convention next year! :)

Thanks for all the hard work you've done for my whole class. I'm so glad we stumbled upon such a great program! It's so cool to be able to use it in everyday matters, whether it's finding what a word means by its Latin roots or shouting "TACETE!!!" to noisy people. I do wish I asked for more help though, because you're so good at covering all our problems extensively. I don't think I or any of my fellow classmates could have done nearly as well on the NLE without the fantastic prep you gave us. I felt like I knew the authors inside and out by the time it came around! Most of all, I love how you understand Latin's a tough subject, and you don't water it down, but help us grasp its way of thinking like the Romans did. Plus, you made it really fun too! I can't wait to FINALLY start 200! Thanks again! :)

Hi! I just finished my last online Latin assignment through our university. I want you to know that the tuition was twice of yours (if I remember correctly) and the teaching was not even a measurable fraction of what you provided in your class. ANYTIME you could use a student/parent recommendation please let me know!

I like the class. I really like the fact that we have the discussion board. It's really a helpful rescource for me. I ecspecially like the fact that we play latin games that are fun and help us learn.

Class is great as always! I never knew it was possible to have fun while learning Latin in a way I could understand until I came here. :)

Thank you for the help! I'll keep you posted about the college applications. I'd like to be a Classics major, thanks to Lone Pine! :)

The SAT 2 Latin scores came out today, and I scored 800. I could not have done it without your excellent instruction. (: Thank you.

This was my favorite year of Lone Pine so far! I wished more and more that I could've started out with Latin 100, instead of transferring into Latin 200. I've gushed about LP to many friends and relatives. I don't think there's anything like it.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you  t h a n k   y o u !!!! Mega maximas gratias!

[Doing college applications] Just finished a short answer talking about how Latin was my favorite class in high school. ;)

I had a lot of APers texting me before the test asking for any advice, and I must have typed "WRITE YOUR ESSAY ABOUT PIETAS" a dozen times. Congratulations, by the way, on an incredibly successful Convention! I was on the edge of my seat with the running updates.  And finally, I forget if I told you this already, but come September I get to officially register for my classics minor, so thank you for spending four years teaching me how to love Latin (but mostly mythology). Back when I was flailing around in the fall of 200, I could never have imagined taking two hour lectures on Bacchic cult rituals. Life is funny like that. 

Also I wanted to tell you that I took the Latin subject SAT at the beginning of December and I got an 800, which is the highest score possible. :)

I really loved the class overall. I know I keep saying this, but this is the first time I could actually perfectly understand the material, and I loved the fact that everyone had a part. It's an interactive class, and that's good. I'm looking forward to next year! :)

Dear Ms. K, I am informing you that I will not be doing Latin 200. I love Latin and your class is amazing, but I feel that Latin 200 is a little too much for me to handle this year, especially with so many other things going on. If I choose maybe I could come back another year. I throughly enjoyed Latin 100! It was an amazing class! I had so much fun and you are such a good teacher. Thank you so much, I will not forget it.

This class is very fun. I have enjoyed learning Latin language and culture with Lone Pine.

This class is a blast! I LOVE it and I'm so sad that it's almost over. :( I'm really excited to become a 200 in the fall, though!!!

This has been a fun and challenging year, your class is really one of a kind. I know more now than what i would have learned in most any other course.

I enjoy Lone Pine a lot more than another latin course, that used a dry text such as Wheelock in the first two years.  Lone Pine seems like it is one of the more interactive schools, very prompt replies on any questions, and a very strong bond is made between students.

From Parents:

Your Latin course is the best out on the market.  We recommend your course to any family who is serious about their child's education.

By the way, I have been watching the class along with [Name] to make sure he is following everything and understanding all the different things he needs to be doing. We are both really enjoying it, and I am so impressed with how well you manage the online dynamics, incorporate participation, build class/legion spirit and enthusiasm, communicate expectations, deal with technical issues, and seek feedback. Extremely well done J

Thank you again for your work with [Name]. She graduated in May after starting with you at age 11 or 12.  She ended up getting a National Merit Finalist award and going to Hillsdale College in Michigan on a full ride.  You were her first rigorous teacher/class!!  It was so good for her!

I am dual-enrolling Latin this year at University of North Georgia, and I have a 100% average thus far! I was so prepared for the class based off everything we learned in Latin 100-400. Also, Dr. Claymore loves Ovid and all of his girl advice poems, and so whenever she summarizes a piece for us, I just think "OMG I did that already with Mrs. K! I know this!" It's really awesome! Make sure to tell everyone in Latin 100 that all of the hw you have us do is completely worth it!

Just wanted to say HI and to thank you for the great work you do teaching Latin. [Name] was sad to give up Latin 4, but doubling up on math and science was a stronger preference. In September he heads to Northeastern University to study chemistry. [Other name] has become language-boy. He DESPERATELY misses Latin more that he attends high school and they don't have Latin. But he is taking both French and Spanish and will be in AP classes for both his senior year (he's about to start junior year). And during this summer, he's being tutored in Italian by a man born and raised in Rome. He said he's picking it up quickly. I know all this is possible because of his excellent beginnings in Latin. If ONLY he could continue your classes, too! Thanks again!

Speaking of poetry, I don't think I ever told you what I thought of that class when [Name] took it. Your Latin Poetry class absolutely changed him, and turned his study of English around. I had been struggling to teach him poetry and literary analysis (my degree is in English literature), and he blew me off with all his might. But in your poetry class he did it, he learned it, he *got it,* and he hasn't had any trouble with literary analysis ever since. It was a hard class, and that year he got little else done besides Latin and Greek (he was in Greek 3 that year too), but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I'm looking forward to seeing how [Other Name] does in Prose. Latin is difficult for him, but he's determined to hang in there if only to keep going to Convention. Convention has been an amazing experience for him. I was proud of his B+. He really worked for it. 

Also, I wanted to share with you our overwhelmingly positive opinion of Lone Pine.  Unfortunately, we have not had much success finding the right fit with local homeschool communities and Lone Pine's high academic standards coupled with the policy to leave politics and religion out of the environment has provided a most welcome place for [Name] to grow this semester.  In August, she begged me not to sign her up for the convention.... now, she wouldn't miss it. So, thank you for all that you do.  [Name] is benefiting greatly from your influence.

We’re really enjoying the class.  I watch and read along with [Name] when I am able, although I am slowly falling off the Latin train since his young, fresh brain is so much better at absorbing stuff than my old, tired one is.  One thing that really helps is how fun the text book is (tuxtax, tuxtax), and how open to fun you are in class.  You are a wonderful teacher.

[Latin] has been such a great experience for [very young student], and I really, really appreciate your deciding to let him in the class. I totally understand your hesitations, but I am so appreciative that you let him. He is looking forward to a break next year (*not* from Latin itself, but from the rigor of LP for the year), but I will say after the awards party he was soooo wistful and wondering if maybe he should just keep going. I think taking a break and probably auditing would be the best, though. But I think it is *amazing* that you can manage to make a class so incredibly rigorous and yet also so fun and full of comradery that the students actually want to continue! Quite impressive!

Thank you, Karen! It's been a wonderful experience working with you.  You are master of your content and your platform, unflappable, and super nice.  

(From an email list.) Most definitely recommend Lone Pine. Excellent instructions as well as strong emphasis on building a community around the program. 

I strongly echo the endorsement for Lone Pine. My son did 5 years with them ( grade 6-10). Rigorous supportive excellent instruction, I consider these classes to have been his best online courses even including Stanford Online classes ( also very good) and my son is a math and physics kind of guy. Oh and he flew to Colorado for convention every spring and remembers those trips with fondness.

So [Name] placed in Latin 300 at University of Toronto and when she met her professor yesterday about an essay, he was surprised to hear that she was in first year and said he had never heard of anyone skipping straight to Latin 300 before!  Wanted to share. Proud of her and thanks for all your teaching!

Thank you so much!  She is loving your class, and she's enriching our family's conversations with everything she's learning.

I wanted to pass along that [Name] was on her way to a nearly perfect score on the verbal portion of the SAT.   Credit—LATIN. (780/800)

Thank you for all you do for your students. [Name] has grown tremendously because of her participation in your program.

Thanking again for addicting [name] to Latin. 

(From a parent of a student who transferred into a prep school's Latin program in Boston.)
[Name] received her award packet. Thank you. And her only A+ (99 %) this year so far is in Honors Latin III. Her teacher wrote this on her report card: “[Name], In terms of our assessments thus far this fall, you have done exceptionally well. You earned perfect scores on all of our vocabulary quizzes. You also earned perfect scores on our translation quizzes... I have been impressed with your ability to read, comprehend and translate Caesar’s Latin right from the get-go. I look forward to finding ways for your continued growth in our program. I’m sure this will be a challenge for all of us, but I like that I am working with a student who requires this kind of approach." - Thank you, Mrs K, for building the foundation.

We are going to miss you. The education he received with you was high caliber and as good and/or better than all his OHS courses.

Thank you, Karen! An amazing year! [Name] has grown in so many ways and has such a sense of accomplishment and achievement. He hung in there and we are so proud of him! Your program had been a delightful place for him to land; He's discovered a true love of Latin! Have a great summer!

Thanks for such a great year of Latin!  [Name] loves your class and all the competitions:)

Thank you Karen so much! [Name] is working hard on this course, and she does it with such enthusiasm and interest. I am so grateful to you for inspiring her. She hasn't really studied a foreign language yet. After some unsuccessful attempts to learn Spanish when she was young, she decided she is "not good in languages " and kept to that belief for a long time. Last year she asked that perhaps she would try Latin. I am so glad we found Lone Pine. 

Ms K, [Name] wanted you to know that his college classical studies isn't even close to as hard as this class [Latin 400]..

I think this may be the first time he's really had to study for a test. We are so pleased with the way you are structuring your class so the students learn how to take/study for a class in addition to learning Latin well.  It has been exciting to see [Name] learn how to study, just over the past week!  

Here is [Name's] final exam, taken as instructed on a computer disconnected from the Internet. Thanks for another great year of Latin with Lone Pine! He gets so much out of Latin, and I find the self-discipline and time management skills he has learned to succeed at Lone Pine to be invaluable in all his other classes. [Name] continues to love learning Latin, and once again it was the first subject he asked for when we began our planning for next year. 

As [Name] is doing his last minute preparations for convention, I wanted to take a moment and tell you how valuable Latin has been for him these last four years!  It is amazing to me how much time you spend not only teaching the kids, but making sure that their total experience is outstanding.  So, over and over again, I must say thank you for all the energy that you pour into your students each year.  He has learned so much from his preparations for convention!  Those tests and projects have added a significant amount to his knowledge of the classical world – as well as his skills in planning and completing projects and working in a group.   Almost four years ago, a few days before the first Latin class, he and I opened up “Lingua Latina” and laughed ourselves silly figuring out the first sentences together. “Rome is in Italy.  Italy and Greece are in Europe.  Egypt is not in Europe. Where is Rome?”  It is incredible how much you have taught him.  He is so independent with his Latin these days.  What a change from the first year, when there was something turned in late almost once a week.   [Name] might have mentioned that he is planning to major in Classics in college – I hope that you will take a lot of credit for inspiring that passion.  So with that in mind, he decided that Greek would be a good addition to his skills. I know that he would have preferred to stay with Lone Pine.  And I appreciate that you reached out to [other teacher].    I cannot express how sad [Name] is to be leaving Lone Pine.  Your personality shines through in the way that you encourage the kids to interact with one another – and it has been the perfect match for him.  This year, he is taking classes from Lukeion as well as The Well Trained Mind Academy.  But those are just classes, he has not made relationships with his fellow students the way that he has in Latin.   There is hope that [Name] will be able to find a new “tribe” of Latin-loving kids right here in Virginia.  He should be able to attend the Virginia convention in Richmond next fall.  But nothing will be a fabulous as flying (with no parents) and travelling all the way to the Rocky Mountains to take tests, recite speeches in Latin, and meet all of his online friends in person.

I will tell you once again, that your class revitalized our homeschooling, and I am in awe of what a wonderful community of learners you have pulled together and support. Thank you again for all.

I'm very glad we found Lone Pine, as it's been a wonderful fit for [name] and has given him motivation to hone his study skills. I've seen a big difference in his maturity and self discipline regarding schoolwork since he began tackling Latin 100. Thank you so much for offering this program - it's been a huge success in our homeschooling journey.

Thank you, Mrs. Karppinen, for providing her the opportunity to experience this level of work at such a young age.

He's very much enjoyed studying Latin this year, and is eagerly looking forward to Latin 200. I was hoping he would benefit from Latin, but was pleasantly surprised to see it become one of his favorite subjects.

Thank you, (name) is really enjoying the class and I'm glad to see him doing so well. I'm thankful that we found you (on the internet) and I am hoping that (name) will be able to complete Latin classes (300,400,AP).

Thank You so much Karen!  This has been the best class either one of my sons has ever taken!  You have been an awesome teacher and Lone Pine Classical School is absolutely incredible!  I do so wish I had found the Latin classes earlier!  [Name] has learned so much and so enjoyed your class!  He absolutely loved attending the Convention and had so much fun!  I will be eternally grateful to you for making that happen!  Your love of your students and your love of teaching is so evident!  You strive for excellence in all you do and I do so appreciate everything you have done this year!  I look forward to starting my twins at a much younger age!  I tell everyone I know about your Latin classes and I highly recommend Lone Pine Classical!

[Name] had a great experience with Lone Pine this year and the Latin 200 class. I'm very glad that she had the opportunity to continue studying Latin with this kind of support (I fell off the Latin bus a year or two ago). I appreciate the high expectations and rigor of the course; she is much more ready for honors-level high school courses in other subjects because she has had this experience. She really grew in her understanding and her ability to think in Latin--the grammar she has picked up amazes me.  She also learned how to take an online class (I think that will become a skill everyone should learn in this day and age) and how to manage assignments and workload on her own.

Parent follow-up: Thanks again for teaching [name]. He told me he told you he was given credit for 3 semesters of Latin. His college advisor said it was unusual for someone to do so well on the Latin placement test. You have a done a wonderful job teaching [name]. Thanks again!

Thank you! We are really pleased with how this year has unfolded. (Name) enjoys your class immensely!

FYI, [student] took the Latin Placement test at Agnes Scott College, and she placed in Latin 213: Later Latin Literature, which is Medieval Latin this year. We were pleased with that, and thought we should compliment you on your excellent teaching! :)

This course has been so good for her. It has stretched her academically, but has also made her grow in budgeting her time, working independently, and using her study time wisely. A win-win for both her and me! Thanks again for making this opportunity available.

This class has been a great joy and a great education for [Name]. We are enormously pleased and grateful. Thank you so much.

This past year, my family's home school included three online classes at three different online schools. By far, the best class out of the three was Latin 100 through Lone Pine Classical School. While the other classes met once a week, Latin 100 met three times per week, including the help session. The other online teachers instructed through lecture or discussion, but Karen Karppinen employed a greater variety of teaching methods, involving the students in additional activities such as games, quiz bowls, writing or drawing exercises on the white board, and reading aloud. She also engaged the interest of the students with unique assignments such as a video presentation, a cartoon translation, and student-written practice exams. Though the content of Latin 100 proved challenging, Ms. K's teaching made the class fun. My son enrolled in the class was motivated to work to the best of his ability to master the material, and he received prompt help from Ms K whenever he had questions. Finally, a highlight of the Latin 100 class was the opportunity to attend the Latin Convention in Estes Park, Colorado. While my son only attended part of the time this year, he was excited to actually meet his teacher and some of his fellow students.

Excellent class! Challenging, but it is an excellent opportunity for a student to build consistent study habits and provides built-in accountability. We could not be happier!

Latin 100 was a terrific experience for [student] this past year. From an academic perspective she learned an impressive amount of Latin and was very motivated to get an A+, the first time she has ever gotten a grade in a class. She had to work hard to do that sometimes, carrying flash cards around while touring the Grand Canyon, staying up too late trying to learn verbs or even missing a ballet class which she hates to do more than anything. But she had a lot of fun in the process and made some new friends which is a very tough thing for her to do because of where we live. She was a bit hesitant about convention before going but she had the time of her life and is eager to attend again if we can make it possible. Since then being involved in Latin has been particularly enjoyable, producing plenty of laughter which flowed down the stairs in waves this morning while I was teaching a private student and she was enjoying the year-end party! I think you have managed to do a wonderful job of inspiring these young people and certainly keeping them at it with plenty of work but creating a supportive atmosphere of warmth and humour flowing through the classroom which is no easy task at any time and even harder in an online classroom. I can't quite believe there won't be Latin recordings to watch next week! But of course [student] will be looking forward to Latin 200 next year. Thanks again and have a great holiday, I hope you get one!

My favorite aspect was that I didn't have to attempt to learn and teach a foreign language simultaneously! I was looking for an appropriately challenging course for [student] and found it. It definitely required some effort on her part, challenging but not unobtainable.
Q: Do you feel that your student gets enough personal attention (if he/she seeks it)? Absolutely.
Q: If your student takes other online courses, how does Lone Pine Latin compare? [student] has taken high school level science and writing courses this year. While the tuition is about the same, the instruction time is about double; Lone Pine is definitely a better value. Lone Pine is by far the most rigorous of all of them as well. The other two classes are more structured with assignments and more updates to parents (One, perhaps, holds the parent's hands too much!). It also seems like you, Karen, are more involved with the students than other teachers, which I like.
In general, the course was a great experience for [student]. She has enjoyed studying Latin, though she experienced some frustration with her method (or lack of) of studying toward the end of the year. She has really enjoyed some of the other kids in the class, too. In her other classes, she has not had much opportunity to get to know her classmates and I think the playful elements you add to the class are great.
I also really appreciate you allowed her to try the class without concern about her age. I've had mixed experiences with this. I appreciate that this was never an issue and she was given a fair shot, evaluated only on whether she could, or could not, do the work. [Student] is looking forward to Latin 200 next year.

Q: What was your favorite aspect of the Lone Pine Latin courses this year? We were very happy with the amount of time you spent with the students and your willingness to offer additional help any time it was needed. You were very accessible.
Q: Do you feel that your student gets enough personal attention (if he/she seeks it)? Definitely!
Q: How much importance do you place on our extracurriculars like the National Latin Exam, National Latin Honor Society, Junior Classical League, and April Latin convention (Colorado Junior Classical League)? Does having those included in the tuition add value to the course for you? I am not very informed about these organizations beyond what you have mentioned, but I do believe it adds value to this course for the students to be included. It’s a benefit to see you be so excited about these extracurriculars!
Q: General comments? Comments on the grading system? Would you recommend these courses to other families? We were extremely pleased with this course. You have been generous with your grading, but you do expect a great deal from the students. I would highly recommend your courses, and I have! ...This year was a huge transition for them both as far as getting outside work and feedback from a teacher, plus utilizing the computer to such a great extent. It has been good for them, and we look forward to next year being even better.... Thanks for a great year! Betsie Zuck

Q: What was your favorite aspect of the Lone Pine Latin courses this year? I did not have to teach it. Teacher really knew her subject. Very well organized and very attentive to the individual student.
Q: Do you feel that your student gets enough personal attention (if he/she seeks it)? Yes... but I could not tell if he went to the study sessions to socialize with his friends or to learn something.. You were very good at responding to questions.
Q: How much importance do you place on our extracurriculars like the National Latin Exam, National Latin Honor Society, Junior Classical League, and April Latin convention (Colorado Junior Classical League)? Does having those included in the tuition add value to the course for you? National Latin Exam was great.. Yes it does add value.
Q: General comments? Comments on the grading system? Would you recommend these courses to other families? Yes, but with the caveat that this is more of an honors style course... and that an average or slow student should be prepared the time needed to succeed. Your grading was more than fair.

Q: What was your favorite aspect of the Lone Pine Latin courses this year? This year my daughter was challenged, and she learned some great studying skills because of it.
Q: Do you feel that your student gets enough personal attention (if he/she seeks it)? Definitely
Q: How much importance do you place on our extracurriculars like the National Latin Exam, National Latin Honor Society, Junior Classical League, and April Latin convention (Colorado Junior Classical League)? Does having those included in the tuition add value to the course for you? Yes, it does add value. These are opportunities we would otherwise not have been aware of.
Q: General comments? Comments on the grading system? Would you recommend these courses to other families? We have recommended this class to others. Homeschool friends have been very impressed with this class.

I am so happy [student] went to the Convention. She had a great experience. This is a great class and would recommend it to others.

[Student] was always very enthusiastic about Latin class. Having this class provided great accountability, great instruction, and helped to develop her desire to strive for the highest goal. The grading system was what I would expect. Yes, I would recommend this class to others.

Again, your classes are amazing.  They have both learned immensely!

Q: What was your favorite aspect of the Lone Pine Latin courses this year? My daughter is actually learning Latin! She does enjoy the work and she also enjoys the assignments. She doesn't complain about the work to me.
Q: Do you feel that your student gets enough personal attention (if he/she seeks it)? Although I was completely uninvolved, I feel like she would have been given all the attention she needed!
Q: How much importance do you place on our extracurriculars like the National Latin Exam, National Latin Honor Society, Junior Classical League, and April Latin convention (Colorado Junior Classical League)? Does having those included in the tuition add value to the course for you? I do place a very high value on the NLE and NLHS. Although, we have not yet been able to fully participate, I believe that belonging to JCL and NLHS does matter for us personally and I very much like having it included in the tuition.
Q: If your student takes other online courses, how does Lone Pine Latin compare? This doesn't answer the question, but is just more thoughts on taking your online course. She doesn't have another online course. I am very impressed with LP Latin and really wish that I had known about the course much earlier. I would have loved to have been able to have [student] take four full years! She is gaining so much from all the vocabulary and the grammatical structures. I really like the fact that it is being taught from a very "Latin is alive" and not the "Latin is dead" perspective. Living things seem to be so much more interesting...
Q: General comments? My daughter loves Latin with you! She thinks that you are funny and that you make the Latin exciting for her. You keep the class interesting for her and she looks forward to each class. Comments on the grading system? I love the grading system because I can see what the assignment was worth and how well she completed the work. I have to admit that I have been totally hands off and don't intend to be so much next year. Would you recommend these courses to other families? I would highly recommend the Latin with you for any student! I would have loved to have given [student] the benefit of Stellae through Latin IV! I heard about your course randomly over the e-loop for APACHE (Association of Peoria Area Christian Home Educators) I have no idea who posted the the link, but I clicked it to check it out. I had tried using both Artes Latinae and Henle Latin with my older children and found that I would really like to give Latin another try. (I was a complete flop and failure with these.) They were not interesting to my children and they didn't like using the curriculum. It was like pulling teeth to get them to complete the work. You have made the learning process fun and given a "real" feeling to the language. Engaging in conversation and reading aloud in class has been fun and also challenging for her. I have absolutely loved your Latin class and so has [student]! The teacher makes all the difference in the world! Your excitement and enthusiasm was foundational to the success of the class for her. Thank you, Karen!

Thank you so much for your careful teaching of the students and for your enthusiasm. I've homeschooled for over 15 years and have used several online courses. Lone Pine is by far the best online teaching experience that we've had and Anna loves the class and Latin! Sincerely, Dr. Andrea Chen in NY (2008)

Grace has really enjoyed the class. She has learned a tremendous amount. Much more than I could of possibly taught her. Your ideas are challenging and creative. The perfect combination to raise productive students. Thanks again. Sincerely, Margretta (2008)

I can't say enough about how much I appreciate your class and the way you teach. Latin is by far [my student]'s favorite class this year. Who would have thought that could happen? I am just so thankful to have found you. (2007, Anonymous)

From Parents, re. STELLAE:

Q: What was your favorite aspect of the Lone Pine Latin courses this year? I like all of the homework you give. Even though Stellae is an introductory course, Ben has learned a lot.
Q: Do you feel that your student gets enough personal attention (if he/she seeks it)? Yes, Ben got the attention he needed.
Q: How much importance do you place on our extracurriculars like the National Latin Exam, National Latin Honor Society, Junior Classical League, and April Latin convention (Colorado Junior Classical League)? I like the NLE, ELE, JCL, etc. because it gives Ben an outside measure of how he is doing in the language. Does having those included in the tuition add value to the course for you? Yes.
Q: If your student takes other online courses, how does Lone Pine Latin compare? We haven't taken any other online classes. I did feel, however, that Lone Pine Latin Stellae was a good introduction to taking online classes (low pressure). We intend to take more online classes in the future.
Q: General comments? Comments on the grading system? Would you recommend these courses to other families? Yes, I would recommend the classes to other families, and have done so. Katy

I also wanted to give you some quick feedback about Stellae. First of all, I think it's a shame for the rest of the world that you won't be offering it next year. We thought it was a wonderful class with a wonderful teacher. We both felt that the class was both challenging and fun. Some things are never particularly interesting, vocabulary memorization comes to mind, and yet the games and class activities made even that enjoyable and engaging! [Student] just loved preparing for and taking the ELE! Who knew studying for and taking a test could be so much fun? [Student] wants me to also tell you that she loved the Guess Who game and wants to suggest that for Latin 100. The class structure was perfect, too. Judicious use of the tools at your disposal kept the class dynamic, moving, and engaging for the students. It was fun for them to be able to go from lecture, to activity, to drawing, to game. Well done! Classroom management is always a stickler. Really, there were just a couple of times that I felt that there was any problem (too much off topic chatting in the chat window) but I felt that your approach of first warning them to pay attention and be quiet followed by a short shutting down of the chat widow to be effective. That was the only time I every really noticed a problem and it didn't remain a problem for long. Good job! I'd like to be able to provide you with some constructive criticism but I dont' have any. We loved it all: class structure, activities, lessons, teacher, everything! We can't wait for next year!

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