Lone Pine Classical School - Registration Form

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Please fill in the following form completely to register for classes, which begin in late August each year.

Registration Steps:
1) Browse the Lone Pine website and email us with questions.
2) Submit this form.
3) Latin classes:  Submit the $40 One-Time (per FAMILY) registration fee - either visit the Paypal Payments page or send a check for $40 in the mail. (If using Paypal, please add 4% to cover Paypal fees; the materials fee total is $41.60 if sent by Paypal.) Please Click Here to request a mailing address.
4) For Latin 100 and 200, purchase the orange Orberg textbook. Amazon link: Latin 100-200 Textbook
5) Read the Summer Newsletter, attend any orientation sessions, and print posters from your downloads as directed.
6) Enjoy the school year! Email at any time with questions.

Parent/Guardian First Name:
Parent/Guardian Last Name:
Student First Name (Full Legal Name - How you wish to be registered for the National Latin Exam and/or math contests):
Student NICKNAME (the name the student wishes to have displayed in the classroom;
must be his/her "real" name, e.g. Matt, not a screen name):
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I am interested in:
Live Section (regular class)
Audit Section (watch class recordings, do not submit assignments or receive grades)
Hybrid Section and Waitlist for Live Section (Latin 100 only; watch recordings until a seat opens in the live section.  Submit assignments, receive grades, considered a full member of the class in all other respects)

Preferred phone number:
Full mailing address - for materials and year-end awards packets:
City, State/Province, ZIP: 

Any major trips/absences planned during the school year:

Might you attend Latin Convention - a Thursday/Friday in mid-April, in Estes Park, CO? Enter yes, no, maybe, etc.:

Any health/learning issues I might need to know (e.g. dyslexia, allergies [in case of convention]):

Things that your student LIKES to do:

Things that your student does NOT like to do:

Student's background in the subject (Latin, Greek, or math -- Describe any previous coursework or the student's current math level):

Student's future plans (college, career, etc.):

Student's siblings and ages (optional):

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